clips and pics
Bacher, Red Lion, '09Paul and J, Red Lion '09Verbs, Red Lion, '09Doc Chicken, Red Lion '09Mihose, Red Lion '09Paulie bombs, Red Lion '09Nez, Red Lion '08Fish, LI bash, '08What's better than playing with Chad Smith from the Chili about playing with Chad AND Michael J Fox!!  Thanks Teddy D and Garret G!Tightly Undone Paul and Sadly Ecstatic Verbs.  Magically Bored Nez and Gravely Outrageous Bacher.Fish and Pete under the Arizona lights, Lehman conference, '06at the Lehman conference, '06J, Paul, Pete.  Red Lion 40th bash.Sweet 40th bday cake for the band from the wives.Our man Tedi joins us on stage.  70s party to benefit the Hole in the Wall gang... not that we need a reason to wear leisure suits!
Thanks to our pal and talented photographer Jimmy O'Kelly for many of these pics.  Check out more of his shots and other clips and stuff on facebook.
Can't You Hear Me Knockin', Red Lion, 3/30/11
Shakedown Street, Red Lion, 3/30/11
Mr. Glory (a Nez original,) Red Lion, 3/30/11
Born on the Bayou, Red Lion, 3/30/11